Moslem Wedding

Moslem wedding

Moslem Wedding in Bali

Moslem wedding in Bali has special requirement compare to other religion.Indonesia is majority Muslim follower and they have special arrangement for the   wedding ceremony rite and  certificate . the certificate for wedding Muslim called” buku Nikah “ and the  conductor of  the wedding called “Penghulu “ for Indonesian that  the marriage book issued  by KUA  or Religion affairs office  is legally recognized by  Government  but for  foreigner  get marriage in Bali need to report their marriage to Bali registry office in order to be issued an authentic copy of marriage book , bellow is moslem wedding  requirement in Bali :

  • Copy passport
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Both Bride and  groom must Muslim,if either one no Muslim  must convert their religion into Muslim
  • Delegation letter from origin KUA Office addressed to KUA Bali ( for Indonesian only )
  • Certificate of non impediment issued by registry office of your country or embassy or consulate office For detail information please  visit ( certificate of non impediment of marriage )
  • Shoulder photo for  groom and Bride , size  2 x 3 cm and  3 x 4 cm , 5 pcs each with blue back ground
  • Further  requirement please contact your wedding planner