Obtain CNI for Bali Wedding


Certificate of non impediment

What is CNI ? as many meaning of CNI . I would like to  clarify to all  wedding couple  who plan to get married in Bali .CNI is abbreviation of  Certificate of non Impediment of Marriage.This is  a most  important document among document required for your wedding in Bali.Without this CNI  you are not possible to get married legally in Bali

How to obtain your certificate non impediment

Every country has their own rule on issuing certificate of non impediment; some nationalities may directly apply their certificate of non impediment of marriage to consulate office in Bali. For some country must apply certificate of non impediment in their registry office and thus only need a consular letter issued by embassy or consulate office based in Indonesia. Further detail on how to apply CNI, please contact our Bali wedding Planner .

How long is the validity of CNI

The  certificate of non impediment is valid for  6 months so then  once you plan to get marriage in Bali  you also must consider when you need to start for apply it

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