Bali Wedding Florist


Wedding Florist in Bali

For those who plan to get married in bali and  has no idea for the name of the flower arrangement , so the we glad to share this info to you all

Flower Corsages

It is a small flower arrangement which normally consist of 2 or two flower with green leaf and ribbon. This type flower arrangement is great is made from non stain flower, like rose, frangipani and orchids .This flower can be used by mother, father of groom  and also  groom

Standing Flower arrangement

A flower arrangement with a stand , the stand  can be made of iron, wood  or concrete .The stand flower can be used as a gate to wedding area    and put along the isle , next to the  altar The number  of stand flower can  be put accordance to the number of your guest and space size  and budget of your wedding .The color of standing flower follow the theme of your wedding  and type of flower  can be  local or imported flower

Flower isle

For  outdoor  wedding  the flower isle replacing the carpet  where the bride will walk to the isle.The flower isle should not taken from easily stain flower .Frangipani flower is good flower for isle as it is a fragrant flower.Other flower  can be used for isle is  roses,hedrangea

Hand Bouquet

Hand Bouquet is the symbol of the beauty  and it must be  good flower arrangement , bali wedding   normally used  a fresh flower for the hand  bouquet . Popular style of Hand bouquet is round and cascade

Flower Petal confetti

This petals flower can be taken from rose or other flower , the petal used for flower shower at the end of ceremony , it would be great if it is  taken from different flower  so the look nice  during photo taking

Flower arrangement for  Wedding reception

For wedding reception you may discuss with our wedding consultant  about your wedding theme