Bali Wedding Season

When is the best season for wedding in Bali

Bali is a unique wedding island,no matter about month and  weather for wedding  as  Bali offer many options of wedding venue  however for the best wedding arrangement  as dreamed of , weather is a factor for a successful event or wedding event .So  you may consider which month you are  going to get married in Bali . Generally Bali only has two different season,dry and wet season . Dry Season comes during May   to October and  wet season or rainy season  comes during November  – April .This is only a general guideline on season in Bali  but  there is a possiblelity  during dry season also some time  fall a small rain and during wet season you are possible to see the sunshine.

The best month for  getting married in Bali

June is  the busiest month for Wedding , the month June  provide us a good sunshine and also  the hotel does not put any  high season surcharge yet, especially before mid  june. Some hotel in Bali put high season surcharge start from mid of June , whole  July and August. Cost for wedding package during normal season relatively lower. Some wedding  venue also will increase their  price for any special date .Further information on Bali wedding booking