Bali Garden hotel Kuta

bali garden hotel kuta

Bali Garden Hotel Kuta Wedding Venue

Bali Garden Hotel Kuta Wedding venue provide various bali wedding packages inclusion with wedding set up in the garden near the beach and sea view .Bali as a world tourist destination  may give a lot of impact both positively and negatively  but  tourism bring more positive impact economically to local people  but also give some negative impact  to Balinese culture especially to Balinese architecture .Many investor  come to Bali  and try to build  the  hotel  base on the recent market needs  like  minimalist style and Local Balinese architecture  can be forgotten .However within the busy kuta you still can find  a hotel  which up to know still maintain strongly the local Balinese architectural which call Bali Garden .Many Australian and european  choose this hotel due  they can find what Bali is , instead of  minimalist style which they can find in their country .Apart from the accommodation Bali  garden  also  take a concept of Balinese people on how they  interactive  with environment ,human being , and Gods  which call tri hita karana  or threee good relationship.Once  you visit Bali Garden  as the name  they proudly used  and in fact you can lush tropical garden on this hotel . On the corner  by the beach is a free space  or ground  where you can set up your wedding venue and reception with sea view .It is a stunning  wedding  venue set up , should you need any wedding package please contact our wedding consultant at Bali Shuka wedding