Bali Wedding Catamaran Boat

bali wedding catamaran boat

Bali Wedding catamaran boat in Bali Cruise

Bali wedding Catamaran Boat gives you a bali unique wedding experience in your life time.The boat just sailing around benoa and nusa dua area before the sunset time

Bali Wedding Catamaran Boat Capacity

Bali Wedding catamaran boat is an intimate wedding, the maximum capacity of the boat is about 40 person. The boat equipped with existing sound system but for a party need to add a proper sound System, Your wedding planner will organize it for all you may need for your wedding.Bali wedding catamaran boat is base on charter boat, return transfer from you hotel to the harbor,insurance,permit enter the harbor included.

Set up on Bali Wedding catamaran Boat

Bali wedding catamaran boat can set up a buffet dinner style or serve your self and you may sit down where ever you want on the boat.Bali Wedding Catamaran boat hold the ceremony in front part of the vessel. No chairs set up for the guest but the guest may sit on the deck of the vessel

Bali Wedding Catamaran boat packages

Bali Wedding catamaran boat provides a full packages or all inclusive such us accomodation ,photography , hairs do and makeup,entertainment on the boat.

Bali wedding catamaran boat for Reception

Bali wedding catamaran boat for reception especially for big party can charter another vessel , the capacity about 200 – 250 person , Any kinds of entertainment presented. For vessel charter msut be booked in advance due to limited of vessel.For any further information on wedding catamaran boat kindly liaise with our wedding planner